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Stella Knipfel

Where are the points for prizes? I had several prizes I was saving my points for and now you have done away with all the prizes. So I'm taking it that all we can do now is buy chances to win drawings. You should have at least given up more time to cash in our points for prizes. Not very happy with the new changes. The chances of winning a drawing in a small city are slight. We're not St. Louis, Kanas City, Spring Field or Jefferson City where most of the drawing winners live.

Very Disappointed,
Stella Knipfel Mexico, MO

Captain Lotto

On May 1, we sent an email out to all our My Lottery Club members about the new exciting changes coming to the program. We explained the store would temporarily close by May 5 (or while store supplies last) for an all new digital makeover.

Today, any points you accumulated in your account have been doubled to Draw Points. While the store is under construction, you can continue to enter tickets for Draw Points, promotions and drawings. Here are some of our awesome drawings: https://store.molottery.com/drawing/landing.php

When the new program launches in July, it will feature an all new digital prize store. And it will continue to offer drawings and second-chance promotions, as well.The new digital store will open on July 6 with the prizes our players have expressed they want most – Scratchers and Draw Games coupons, gift cards (like Amazon.com, iTunes, restaurants, etc.) and other e-prizes.

Richard krastanoff

What are the odds and pick three when you play a number and combo isn't it one in roughly 133 and not 100 I'm sorry one in 1000 I've been playing pick three since they went to this new computer system picking and I have not won one time but when the balls were being drawn I could win several times a year I believe it has something to do with I play the same number 10 time10 times each time I play it so the computer knows not to pick that number that's the only explanation I can make any logical sense when I used to hit regularly when the boss were being picked please give me another reason that would make sense other than something is not right on the Missouri lottery and

Richard krastanoff

Also it seems that all of the comments posted or generally comments that he can easily explain away I haven't seen any posted of the hundred so I hear from customers about our concerns about this new picking system

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