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Bill T

St Louis AGAIN?? How can the big scratch offs AND the draw games all seem to hit in only the populated areas like St Louis and KC? Break time and Quik Trip must have been closed this week. They're practically guaranteed to produce big winners.

Captain Lotto

Winners come from all parts of the state. Watch it over time and it will become evident.


All I ever see is big cities I live in a smaller community and never see any winners..always kc st louis independence columbia jeff city


St. Louis... is anyone really surprised?

tom sindelar

on the triple play ,if i win the $250,000 and another person wins it do we share that amount? are is that separate?

Marcy Hay

There are winners in small towns. Have you forgotten the couple who won one of the biggest Powerball jackpots was from Dearborn, MO.??? A town of around 600 people. I know because I am one of them!


Where are the monopoly jackpot monthly winners? Where are the names listed?

Captain Lotto

"MONOPOLY Jackpot" second-chance winners will be listed under My Lottery.

Captain Lotto

The Lottery will pay up to four top prizes for any one drawing in $250K Triple Play. If there are more than four winners, the prize becomes $1 million and all winners will split it.

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