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Jessica DiMariano

My name is Jessica DiMariano, 20 years old i currently attend Saint Charles Community College in Saint Charles, MO and i wanted to share my A plus scholarship story with you. I attended SCC in the fall of 2011 that a plus program has helped me a lot with my education, im on my 3rd year here. its great saves me a bunch of money for classes and all i have to worry about is paying for books and supplies. the main i loved about getting a plus is that during high school, i completed more than 50 hours of community service i helped out vacation station at warren elementary i loved it. the A plus has helped me come a long way i will be graduating in the spring of 2015 from SCC. thank you for reading my story.

Captain Lotto

Thanks for sharing. Be sure to enter our promotion. Congrats!

Kelly Lakaner

My name is Kelly Lakaner. I am 19 years old and this is my first year in college. I am currently attending Mineral Area College which accepts A+ scholarships. Hopefully I will be transferring to East Central Community College in the fall where I will complete a two-year Radiology program and earn my Associates degree. If all goes as planned, I will only have to pay for one year of tuition because A+ has covered my first year in general studies, and will also cover my first year in the radiology program. This will leave me with very little debt which I am so thankful for. So far, I have only paid around $3,500 out of pocket for dorm expenses and books/fees. I'm very blessed to have very little expenses right now, and I thank the A+ program for that.

Savannah West

My name is Savannah West. I am a freshmen at Maple Woods Community College. I graduated in 2013 from Liberty High School. I have been and will continue using the A+ program to graduate with my associates in arts of early education. This A+ scholarship has been a life saver. I come from a family of five so not only could they not afford college for us, they couldn't pay for our cars either. So on top of school, I have been serving tables full time to make my car payment and extra fees that are not covered by A+. My point of this is that A+ is my life saver! Thank you for taking your time to read my story.

Garrett Higbee

My Name is Garrett Higbee and I goto Blue River MCC and I really need the money to go to school and become a successful student. How do i sign up?

Captain Lotto

Hi Garrett. Qualification for A+ Scholarships begins in high school. Students who make good grades and mentor other students can qualify.
Be sure to submit an entry for the contest here: http://www.molottery.com/extras/tools_4_school/details14.shtm

Brittany Young

My name is Brittany Young, and I am currently enrolled at Mineral Area College. I am in my second year and couldn't be happier with were I am at. I played softball on scholarship my first year here and I also was able to use my A+. The A+ program is an amazing thing in my eyes, not only has it help me with staying out of debt,but also the children I got the privilege to mentor will for ever be a high light of my high school career. I recently was accepted into Central Methodist University, where I plan to to finish school and become a CPA. I am currently 19 years old,and a waitress while I'm not attended classes. Any money helps while you're trying to get through school. So advice to anyone reading this A+ is the best decision I ever made. Thank You!!

Phillip Grubbs

My name is Phillip Grubbs. I am a chemical applicator and turfgrass disease specialist for Embassy Landscape Group. I recieved the A+ scholarship in May 2007. I used my A+ money to pay for classes that would help me get a degree in turfgrass management. Without the scholarship I wouldn't have been able to take all the required coarses plus all the books that were required for the degree. If it weren't for A+ I wouldn't have this awesome job that I love and look forward to going to everyday! Thank you A+!

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