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Every time I try to play the bonus game it just comes up blank won't let me play.

Captain Lotto

Keep trying. The problems were related to traffic and we're continuously monitoring and improving.

Stacy Plank

All right! I won a cash prize it says when I entered my ticket online. Will I get it in the mail? It says wait 6 weeks?

Captain Lotto

Congrats! All of that takes place within My Lottery. We'll send you your prize.


Every time I spin the bonus wheel on monopoly it always lands on the same space. ALWAYS. What is wrong?


I've put my non-winning tickets in but had to close my browser. How do I get to the actual game to use my spins? I cannot find it anywhere or without having to enter new tickets that I do not have.

Captain Lotto

Lee, check under "Promotional History." You should see your entries there.


Why Can I not get anyone to answer my question about the bonus wheel? I asked why when I spin the bonus wheel it always lands on the same space.

Captain Lotto

Loretta - I would assume the game play would be more exciting than that, but I'm not positive. This is a bonus play idea that we're trying for the first time. Keep playing.


Who won the monopoly jackpot for Feb 4 2014 Drawing?


Yeah who won the jackpot for February 4th?

Captain Lotto

Winner information is posted within My Lottery under promotion history. The Feb. 4th winner was from Michigan.

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