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I hate it. Bring the old one back

Jeff Williams

I am disappointed with the prizes available. There is nothing for the outdoorsman, what about those that enjoy camping, hunting and fishing. This being missouri i expected something maybe in the form of gift cards for bass pro shop or cabela's.

Captain Lotto

Thanks for the feedback. I'm sure we'll continue making improvements. We're still adding items to the store - you'll see much more later this fall.

Brian A

What's wrong with the site? Never seen a website so messed up with bugs and glitches. Needs alot more work on your site.

Captain Lotto

Thanks for the feedback. We're still trying to check all of the data. There are a lot of links to check.

Jeff Williams

Why are the same tickets worth a differnet amount of points?

Captain Lotto

We're trying to keep you guessing, Jeff. Points are awarded randomly, so you never know how many points you'll get for any ticket. Enjoy all of the games without worrying about points.

Jeff Williams

That would be great if the same thing applied to the point value of prizes.

Jeff Williams

The more i look at the prizes the more the dissapointment grows.

Captain Lotto

Don't get discouraged yet. We're still building the store and will add more prizes as we continue.


This is by far the WORST webdesign I have ever seen--the links cannot be found and if they are found, can't click on them. And, the background is soooo blue you can't read half of it. Ever hear of TESTING a site before release? Fairly easy to do.....you all missed the mark on this one!

Captain Lotto

Thanks for the comment, Fae. I think you may need to refresh - it doesn't sound like the site is showing up correctly. Some browsers may hold on to old data. Go to Tools/Clear Recent History and make sure the cookies and cache are checked.
We did test the site, but there is a lot of data to check, and html can be difficult to edit. Most of the navigation remains the same and all of the same features are there.

Captain Lotto

Seeing a weird site on a blue background with links that don't work? That's not our site - it's a cached version of our old site. Try refreshing or clearing your cache to get a fresh look. Here's how.


Thanks for the hint about clearing my cache. It made the site come in clear. (And, just for the record the website I'm seeing now is not bad--very bright :-)

anthony brandt

your doing great need to know number to text for winning numbers


The refresh your cache advice worked great. The site looks and works very nicely now. Thanks.

Captain Lotto

Fantastic. We're not sure why some of the browsers hold on to old data. Hopefully you'll see the real deal now.

Captain Lotto

Anthony - Sign up for a free My Lottery account and you can choose what kind of text alerts you'd like to receive - winning numbers for any game or jackpots.


How come when i try to update my information, it tells me that my age can not be verified when all of my information is correct? Then i tried emailing you about this problem, and got no respone. I'm very upset.

Captain Lotto

Sorry about the trouble, Kaylee. The new My Lottery Players Club requires us to verify everyone's age before we open an account. That's why we're asking for the last four digits of your social. In some cases, the program we're using is having difficulty finding enough data to verify the user is 18 or older. It may be that there is insufficient or inaccurate data, but without it, your account remains locked. We can verify your age in other ways - a copy or picture of your driver's license, or if you have won $600 or more from the Lottery, we can look up your claim form. We understand the delays are frustrating, but it's a simple and necessary solution. Thanks for your patience.

Carol Jackson

Why come my non-winning numbers doesn't take in the points game?

Captain Lotto

Draw Games tickets are only valid for 180 days. Just like you must claim any prizes during that time frame, you must also enter those non-winning tickets for points during that window.

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