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Captain Lotto

You can find information and winning numbers for any Missouri Lottery promotion on Molottery.com.


For all you people who cant find the numbers all you have to do is click on the link above "GO ANYWHERE GETAWAY" - HELLO


At work, a group of us used to play - not now. Go back to $1.00. $2.00 is to much to donate. Won't be playing anymore until changes revert back.


Why don't y'all quit your complaining and just go to the website and check your damn numbers. Never seen so many whiny crybabies in all my life.

Captain Lotto

Thanks for the suggestion, Daren. The Missouri Lottery understands the price change could be difficult for some players, but the game won't be changing back. The changes are working as intended - better odds, bigger jackpots and more Missouri millionaires. Three players have already won $1 million in Missouri.
There are other games we invite you to play. Mega Millions is still $1, and tonight's jackpot is up to $72 million.
Thanks for playing and good luck!

susan reed

I bought a power ball ticket on 2-18-20012 & never recieved a bonus ticket.

Captain Lotto

Thanks for the comment, Susan. The "Go Anywhere Getaway" Bonus Raffle promotion ended Feb. 11.


Because you raised the price I only play Mega Millions now. What was wrong with the way it was?...Greed Maybe?

Captain Lotto

Thanks for the comment, Gary. Powerball needed a lift, and the changes created a new tier of jackpot game. You now win substantial prizes for second-place, and the Powerball jackpots grow large faster. Large jackpots are what drive the most traffic.
The great jackpot run in Mega Millions was, in part, a result of this strategy. Because both games are now available almost nationwide, a larger percentage of the population has a chance to play. When the jackpot reached record levels, sales grew through the roof. That generates more proceeds for public education in Missouri.
I'd encourage you to play whatever game suits you most. Don't discount our state games, like Lotto or Show Me Cash. The prizes may not be as large, but you have better chances and they are only available in Missouri.
You can't win if you don't play. Good luck!


well if cant play it again it no fun playing molottery.

tom williams

I received some bonus tickets when I played powerball "HOWEVER" IT SEEMS TO BE VERY DIFICULT TO SIGNG UP ON LINE TO SEE IF YOUR TICKET MIGHT BE A WINNER----

Captain Lotto

What seems to be the problem, Tom? Can you find MOLottery.com?

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