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R. Lambert

You say you're looking for the winner of the first drawing I don't think so.
What's the winning ticket number?
I don't have time to watch the drawing and I don't trust the scanning machines I think they're rigged.
How else are you to find out if you're the holder of the winning ticket?
Hint: Publish the winning ticket # on your web site........

Captain Lotto

Here you go.


Seriously? The bonus raffle numbers aren't posted?

joseph Paul

2 dollars for one play??? Are you kidding me? Rip off!

Captain Lotto

It does cost $2 to play Powerball now, but look at the jackpot.
Play now, and you'll get a Bonus Raffle ticket for the "Go Anywhere Getaway." Information (and winning raffle numbers) are posted here.

Julie stow

I think there needs to be more winning tickets sold in Arkansas and Missouri instead of n.e.states all the time!

Captain Lotto

Powerball is a multi-lottery game. All participating states have a crack at the jackpot.
You might consider playing state games like Show Me Cash and Lotto. They are only available in Missouri.

Joe David

Seems to me that having you go back to the store to check the bonus raffle is a way to lure you into buying more tickets. Almost like a nicotine addiction. Sounds like a possible lawsuit to me. Get you hooked just like cigarettes but with a draw to get you to buy more.

Janet Johnston

Where is the winning ticket #'s posted if they aren't they should be - this is ridiculous -- I don't trust the scanners and rarely am at home to watch the drawing -need the numbers for 2-6-2012 -- anyone???

Captain Lotto

The "Go Anywhere Getaway" promotion ends at midnight, Feb. 11. You can find information about any Missouri Lottery promotion at Molottery.com. Here is the winners list from drawing #3.


Regarding the bonus raffle...It says that you get a bonus raffle ticket for a $2 ticket. Why did I only get ONE bonus raffle ticket when I bought 5 tickets? I bought these all at once. Should I have told the clerk to give me 5 separate ones so I got more raffle tickets? I am confused.

Captain Lotto

AZ - You'll get a Bonus Raffle ticket for every single-ticket purchase. If you're spending more than $2, you could get more Bonus Raffle tickets by asking for individual tickets.


I think it's awesome... and finding the winning numbers was easy for me..

dik benisch

why are the powerball numbers so darn hard to find on this site? no more pb tickets for me.

New PB glitch

According to the above, I should received one Bonus Raffle with each powerball ticket purchaced. Regetably, the lottery machines are not capable of automatically doing this where I purchased my tickets. The only way the clerks can do this is to input the numbers one at a time. Please fix this glitch in the system so the clerks don't have to waste all their time and paper. Thanks

steve smith

$2 is bad, go back to $1


Thats the most ridiculas thing i've ever heard, you have to have each ticket purchased seperatly to get all your bonus tickets. lame, the more you screw people around ,the more players you're going to lose. I'm done.

Captain Lotto

Find all of the winning numbers at Molottery.com, linked as "The Original" on the sidebar.

Captain Lotto

Yes, the Bonus Raffle applies to a "single-ticket" purchase. The promotion is over with the final drawing taking place today.


what time will the drawing take place and when can i check my ticket online?

Captain Lotto

Winning numbers will be posted after 3 p.m. Good luck!


I bought my powerball tickets on the 10th of February. I of course lost the Powerball but looked forward to the Bonus Raffle. It states on my Bonus Raffle tickets that these numbers are for the drawing on February 14th. I look on line today to see that the promotion ended on the 11th. Guess the joke is on me

Captain Lotto

No joke, JCM. The promotion did end on the 11th, but the final drawing was conducted on the 14th. Here's the final set of winning numbers.


why don't you post the numbers for the bonus raffle? what's up with that?

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