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greedy,trying to squeeze more money out of the people,amount of winners will stay the same, sales of tickets will drop.Over the years I have played five picks, same numbers each draw, now I can't afford to anymore

Captain Lotto

Thanks for the comment, Perry. The Powerball group knew that raising the price would be tough on some of our players. They also took into account how sales are affected by jackpot amounts. The new changes are a good compromise - you'll pay a little more, but you can also win more. All players who match five white-ball numbers will win $1 million, so we'll see more millionaires in Missouri.
Mega Millions is still $1 a play, and you get better odds with Lotto. Lotto gives you two plays for $1 and it's only available in Missouri.
Thanks for playing, and good luck!

Joe Martinez

I was thinking that better yet, reduce the number of numbered balls, thus creating more winners at a lesser amount.
No one person really needs to win these giant amounts of money. I would much rather see ten people win twenty million than see one person win two hundred million!!!
It's just my opinion. I think it would be nice of You to pose this question [option] to the general public. Thanks for reading.

Captain Lotto

Thanks for the comment, Joe. I think that's where the idea for more match five millionaires came from - giving more people the chance to win $1 million. No doubt that high jackpots drive sales.

Shirley   Keeton

HIi have been playing power ball ever since it started i have not won anything higher then 10 dollars so when you change it to 2 dollars i will not play i will just do lotto thanks


I think that for each ten millions that the lottery goes up ,a extra set of numbers should be drawn.

Blue Marlin

I'm glad to see the new changes to Powerball! More chances to win larger prize money. Remember, it's entertainment.

tom gillespie

If you double the prize amount for me that means I will pay double, and if my past winning means anything I will win 2 times nothing which is what I win now.

steve ross

IT looks like a good deal to me.


What does this mean for the money transferred for education in Missouri? More? How much more?

Captain Lotto

Thanks for the question. About 26 cents of every dollar you spend on the Missouri Lottery goes to fund public education. Last year, the Lottery generated $259 million for the Lottery proceeds fund by acheiving a record $1 billion in sales. The Lottery works hard to provide fun and secure games with the goal of further growing sales and that oontribution to public education.
The Powerball group decided that it was time to upgrade the game, including the first price change since it began. The result is bigger jackpots, better chances and more Missouri millionaires.
We hope that you'll give the new Powerball a try.


I would like to know how you can predict 141 million will increase to 255 million, when its never been played before? I have been a lottery player for years but it seems every day that I'm one number off. Even my friends laugh and say how strange. Like they can pick around so you don't win I even wonder since you don't show the drawings any more!

Robert Meyer

I have played powerball since it started, I have basically used the same numbers for the last 15 yrs, which amounts to $20 each play or $20 aweeki, but you are way too greedy, I just plain QUIT.

George Hill

well I think it's still better than the scratchers which are a joke. I have kept a record of all the big money winners for a year and not one big money winner in the St Louis area or the near surrounding counties for that matter. but in some area there have been some of the same winners. i have played it for a few years and my friends play it too,
all agree. Seem coincidental that they would pop up in no man's land. just doesn seem fair for the people that play it all the time and never win.

Evelyn Brattin

Times are tough for the common working person and by doubling the price you take away what little hope they have of winning. I would like to know why you say it will make more millionaires in Missouri when the big prizes always go to the northern states. As for more money for schools I do not see it helping the rural area I live in.

james peppers

I to disagree with the price increase. I buy tickets for myself as well as belong to a lottery pool at my work. We will no longer play power ball. We will now only play Megamillions.

This increase will drive a lot of people away. Numerous people at my work have lottery pools of which they too claim that they will no longer participate as well.


My PB ticket states 'Wanna win $100? Go to NEWPB.MOLOTTERY.COM' I've put that in and nothing comes up. Am I missing something? even www.newpb.molottery.com doesn't work.
thank you ....



Paul Blair

Horrible, just horrible. The average jackpot goes from $141 million to $255 million. We all just lambasted Pujols for the same thing. $141 million was sufficient. The economy is as bad as it's been in recent memory and you are taking more money, well you won't from me. I'm done. Never won more than $10 anyway.

Karen Hayes

I have to agree with Joe M. reduce the numbered balls and make more winners at a lower amount of jackpot because I don't think anybody needs to win several hundred millions.


We will see if this is a good thing or just cost us, the players more money to play and discourage us from the lottery and spend more at the casinos.

S Kistner

I like T. G.s comment. Two times nothing is still nothing. Just because Kansas raised their stakes doesn't mean we have to. How about the "having MORE winners" theory? What kills interest for me is buying tickets twice a week for a year to maybe win $3. I'll find something else to spend $2 bucks on.

Captain Lotto

To clear up some questions - the price does go up with the new game. That's how the jackpots will start bigger - $40 million - and grow faster. We are taking four numbers out of the Powerball matrix, giving you better chances. On average, Missouri has about 24 match five winners each year - all of which will now win $1 million - so it will create more Missouri millionaires.
We've heard a lot of comments about generating more winners for lower amounts. This achieves that, but still generates huge jackpots, which are the key driver of sales.


what a rip-off, it hard enough to hit pb now, i wont be buying pb anymore.if you all wanted to make more millionaires.lessen the amount of balls in the pot.there was not that many balls when i started playing pb.many years ago you keep adding balls to the pot.more people winning millons would help the economy.so why dont you lower the#of balls.


I totally agree with Joe Martinez's post which is "I would much rather see ten people win twenty million than see one person win two hundred million!!!". I would think that 10 people with $20 million to spend would surely share and spend the money more then 1 person with $200 would. This would surely help to spur the economy which we all know is badly needed. The Lottery needs to think more of how its proceeds can be used to fund education and also used to spur the economy. This is Americans hard earned money after all and it should be used in as many ways as possible to benefit Americans. By the way my daughter graduated with a teaching degree 2 years ago, a 4.0 grade point average, on the Dean's list and the Presidents citation for excellence and has not been able to find a teaching job. Just one last comment. I will give this a shot but I usually spend $5 on the powerball but figure now I will play 2 chances which is $4 so I will be spending less.

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