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Candy La Plant

I have been playing the Show Me Cash EZmatch. However, when I have hit any of the numbers on the EZmatch, the retailers I've taken them to scanned them and they said not a winner. Please explain to me what the problem is as I have double and triple checked my numbers so that is not the problem.

Captain Lotto

It should be easy to tell. If any of your EZ Match numbers match your Show Me Cash numbers, you win the indicated prize.
Feel free to send them to us for verification.

Tausha Hayes

one of the retailers i went to didnt know what the ez match was and while she was printing my tickets i heard the winning sound thing go off so i looked over the tickets and told her i had matched some numbers she then proceded to get another employee and that employee said you dont win instantly you have to wait for the draw that night being the lottery fanatic that i am i knew they were wrong i told her to scan the winning ticket and it said two dollar winner and the second employee said my ticket from last night must have gotten mixed up with the ones i just purchased i said no i just bought all of these they had no clue how the ez match was i even had customers behind me telling me the same as the employees I tried explaining to them how it worked in a calmly manner and as I walked away from the counter to leave one of the employees told the man behind me that she was sorry he had to wait in line because of people like me, I was furious how is it my fault that they don't know how things work, I think that they need better training during special promotions like this
she obviously tried making me look bad because she didnt know how to do her job-lets just say i will make the extra trip across town to my tickets from now on

Captain Lotto

Sorry to hear about that, Tausha. I encourage you to find a retail location that you feel comfortable with.
It's always a challenge to train retail clerks, especially with a new game, and there is a lot of turnover in that profession. Try to remain patient and look for game information near the terminals to help explain.
We know many clerks feel like Lottery sales are a hassle, but rest assured that management values your patronage.

j c

What time is the DIY raffle winning #s drawn today? Thanks.

Captain Lotto

Winning Raffle numbers should be posted by 3 p.m. Good luck!


Where are the EZ Match numbers located at as far as on the site to find out if i won or not?


ok, i may have figured it out, correct me if i am wrong, but if lets say i have the same ticket showen on the web page, http://www.molottery.com/show_me_cash/show_me_cash.jsp , then i would win 110$ before the drawing ever took place?

Captain Lotto

That's right - EZ Match is an instant win game. If your numbers match the EZ Match numbers, win the indicated prize. You can claim it instantly, or wait until after the nightly drawing.

Jennifer S.

So I bought 1 set of numbers for 2 weeks worth of drawings and added EZ Match, the total was $15 for the 2 weeks worth of tickets. So are the EZ Match numbers good for 2 weeks too?

Captain Lotto

Think of EZ Match as the instant portion of your Show Me Cash ticket. Since you're only playing against the numbers on your ticket, it's only good one time, or for the current draw. A multi-draw ticket is good for however many drawings you purchase, but the EZ Match numbers are just one time.


i can never match 500 on easy match, no matter what i pick , its always 1 number away i win the 1 and 2 dollar matches though, is it just impossible to match the higher ones, just a tease , or what ?

Captain Lotto

As with all Lottery games, it's the luck of the draw. The odds of winning $500 are higher than your chances of winning a lower prize.

b kels

I think easy match is a scam, cuz I'm always winning free tickets (2 numbers), buy can't match one with ez match!

Captain Lotto

EZ Match is an instant game using your Show Me Cash ticket. It doesn't have anything to do with what numbers are selected for the Show Me Cash drawing, just what's on your ticket.


Yeah the EZ Match is a little similar to a scratch ticket being created right on the spot (without the scratching).

But I have one question.. If you win on the ezmatch and you get your $ right away -- do they still give you back your ticket since you could win later on the drawing also?
The retailer didn't give me two separate slips for my set of numbers - Just one.

Captain Lotto

If you win instantly with EZ Match, the clerk will know right away. If they can pay the prize, they will validate the ticket and hand you an exchange ticket for the next draw.
The play is on your ticket, so if you didn't win, you'll simply get your ticket - one slip.

Allen (I'm a retail lotto seller)

ez match is a ripoff. Its an instant scratchoff but in an online version. I'm pretty sure the algorithm written for this is similar to any of the scratchoffs. Pay close attention when you do play, the numbers they randomly chooses are not random at all but written to avoid first 5 numbers chosen by you either by choice or by QP. Notice there are always a number or 2 that are 1 off. Just like the instant scratchoffs.

Captain Lotto

Thanks for the comment, Allen. EZ Match is an instant product tied to Show Me Cash. Like all Lottery games, prizes are awarded randomly.


This game stinks i thought if i matched a E Z Match number with one of the drawed number i win the prize. didnt realize or was not explained this is an instant prize


That's so true ez match is gonna make cash 5 lose customers because regardless what the big heads say it's a rippoff you if u can't ever win what's the purpose just by the reg tickets if i could id get refunds because i feel like it's all rigged now they probably already know tonights cash 5 numbers


ive played ez match religiously for the last 6 months. at $5 a night for regular show me and then an added $5 for EZ match. So $10 per night. I win almost every night one dollar. Its ridiculous ive never hit more than $1.00 playing EZ match to the tune of $5 every night for 6 months! UNREAL SCAM!

John A Graham

Has anyone ever won more than $3 on EZ match?

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