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I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad!!!

Joseph eckhoff

To win the lotto tonight and a new computer

Elizebethe  Eckhoff

To win the Show Me Cash or Mo Lotto

nick adams

I want a white christmas

B Miller

I wish to win the Lotto or Show Me Cash so i can be debt free!!!

Deana Siegfried

I want to be able to pay the bills, buy groceries, and maybe do something special with my kids without having to worry about how soon the next paycheck comes.

Liz Carpenter

my wish for Christmas is world peace, health, happiness, a cure for all illness, jobs for the jobless, homes for the homless, and I would like to win the loteery or ar least $100,000.00


I wish that I could give my kids a good christmas this year. I would love for them to have more than 5 gifts each. Maybe next year will be better.

Elizebethe  Eckhoff

To win the lotto so I can pay for the surgery I really need and dont have ins for because the husband is laid off and to be able to give my kids what they need for Christmas

cherisa suttles

I wish for piece and happiness, will a little money added to it would be great to help with everything that is about to come since my husband will be laid off after this week.

mary  griffin

would love to win lottery but not lucky. peace on year for all. no snow until after Christmas

Wayne Risinger

my wish is that there be JOBS for those that want and need them and that all have a warm home for christmas

Lori Galati

I would like to find the pickle on Christmas day so I can be the lucky recipient of some MO lottery scratch off tickets ;-)

Yvette Brown

I would love to find a fast $100 dollars jackpot ticket

Floirda Cash 4

I wish I win a lottery :(

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