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Doug Meadows

I purchased a 10 draw double bulls eye ticket mid afternoon for Club Keno and no results are displayed for the games as of 11:34 pm of 8-28. What is wrong with the system ?

Captain Lotto

I understand the winning numbers reporting was down for a while, but it should be working now. Good luck!

steven flanagan Sr

I purchased a 10 draw double bulls eye ticket mid afternoon for Club Keno and another about 2 hours later, no results are displayed for the games as of 10:54 pm of 11-19. What is wrong with the system ?

Captain Lotto

Technical glitch. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Just wanted to say thanks for the Keno at grocery stores.
My son & I were buying some last minute items for the Holiday Dinner and decided to play a Keno 7 Spot.
Before leaving the store, I checked my ticket and discovered I won $1002 Dollars.
Happy Holidays.

Captain Lotto

That's awesome! Congratulations.


Is the system down? I type in game numbers and it says its not showing games past a certain number and that game was drawn early.

stephen schrader

Is this system down . Trying to play some keno and nothing is working .Its not showing any games.

Captain Lotto

Are you talking about numbers and shows on the website? We've had a few problems with the database on the weekend.
To my knowledge, none of the actual drawings were affected.


I was just watching the drawings and then it went black...what's happening with this dang thing?? I bought 2 tickets and now don't know if they won or not...not happy! :(


the reason it was down is because there was no combination for the system to pick losing numbers.....any number combination would have given a top winning prize....they just want to scam you so they delayed the system hoping for people to lose tickets and to forget about them.......

Captain Lotto

There was never a problem with the ticket system or drawing - it was merely an Internet interruption.

Gary Kempfer

i played keno today 2 june 2012. i played a 7 spot with one bulleye,game numbers 952890 to 952899. According to the prize payout on the back of the sheet, if you get 1 number it pays 5 dollars. I know that between those 10 games. I had the bullseye a couple of times, when I went up to cash out, I only recieved 1 dollar for each game 952896, 952899. Can you please explain how this is paid out?

Captain Lotto

I believe you win $5 if that number is the Bulls-Eye. Without the Bulls-Eye number, you need three numbers to win $1.

Joice Miller

I bought two Club Keno tickets yesterday at about 5:00 pm still no results for my tickets both are 957667 Bulls EYE and DOUBLE BULLS EYE,I don't like this

Captain Lotto

It seems like there are sometimes reporting problems with the database on weekends. The tickets are valid and the draws took place. You can always check your tickets on a Check-A-Ticket machine.

Renee McComas

I bought a 4 spot, 10 games around 5 P.M. and only got to watch 3 games. It's stuck on game 1032464. This isn't the first time this has happen. It sucks when you pay money to watch at home, then can't even watch it. Your system definitely needs lots of work.

Captain Lotto

Thanks for the feedback. There are a lot of variables that can affect watching the Keno drawings at home, Internet connectivity being one of them. We apologize for the inconvenience.
You might try refreshing when the player freezes.

Steve Frisbie

Where can I find a list of the locations that we can play Club Keno?

Captain Lotto

Great news! You can play Club Keno at ANY Missouri Lottery retail location. Just ask for a Keno To Go ticket from your local gas station or grocery store and you're in.
If they don't have Club Keno at a location where you like to hang out, ask them to get the Lottery.

Lisa Addison

Watch the Drawings feature is not working. It says there are no results for my ticket range of numbers.


What's going on with watching the drawings. I just purchased a ticket with 5 plays and it is does not go past 300 games before the drawings I have.

Captain Lotto

There was a problem with the file system over the weekend. It should be functioning now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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