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Cheap Computer Canada

People get so involved in lottery games that they just forget their work.

cheap computers canada

This is great news that now you can win millions of dollars by buying $20 game. Such games are good but people should not take it very seriously and don't get so involved. Interesting blog.

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Don't know what is wrong what is rite but i know that every one has there own point of view and same goes to this one


I play this game alot and have only won $100 one time. I was starting to get skeptical of it because I watch the website daily to keep up with remaining top prizes. There are $20 dollar tickets that have been winning, even the top prize for $3,000,000 on the newest one, but there are never wins on this one. I noticed when I started playing it that the advertisements for the card are completely different than the way the card looks now showing that there has been some re-printing going on. It sort of makes sense now that I read that this card replaced the "$200k for life" because the top prizes were all claimed; it seems that there are no big winners being printed to make up for the payouts. I know the lottery is a game of chance and I am not bitter, just wanted to let my fellow players know that I think this one is a sham.

Captain Lotto

Thanks for the comment, Dave. There are a couple of things working here. One, to generate the larger prizes on the $20 games, typically we have to do a large order and it may take a while to distribute all that inventory. Sometimes the games are printed in two colors, so the game will remain "fresh."
Two, a common trend from players is to move on to the new games when they come out, which slows the sales of "older" games. There are still large prizes in the game, waiting to be found.

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