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Regaining Femininity

Just wanted to post a blog site that promotes a place to blog about the effects of how Breast Cancer changes their lives. I have started this for the patients, survivors and loved ones who want to discuss their feelings. Thanks Kathy J.

craig anderson

you've broke me from sucking eggs. i've playrd the pick 3 in 4 other states and this is the biggest cheating i've seen i'm done.


The ODDs
The majority of people in the state of Missouri live in St Louis. Therefore, the majority of lottery players in the state live in St Louis. So WHY do the Majority of BIG winners live in RURAL areas? A lot of us in St Louis would like to know the answere to this Question!! WHY AREN'T THERE MORE BIG WINNERS IN ST LOUIS CITY???

Captain Lotto

You know, we can't win on this issue. People in small towns think that all of the winners are in the cities, and folks in the cities think that all of the winners are in small towns. It's random - winners come from all over the state.
If you look at the distribution of winners objectively, I think you'll see that the number of winners corresponds with population and sales.


I play the lottery all the time and I'm always checking the mo lottery site and clearly most winners are in small towns hardly ever in the inter city the most you can win in the city is 500.

Captain Lotto

Thanks for the note, but I think you're seeing what you want to see. The winners come from all over the state, including a large number of winners from St. Louis. Just check one of the many maps posted on this blog. Just yesterday, we announced a $89,500 Show Me Cash winner from downtown St. Louis.


Does anyone know where the show me cash 350k winners was from?

cliff ketcherside

Any new second chance drawings in the future that will include twenty dollar scratchers as part of the promotion?

Captain Lotto

SMC winner was from Chesterfield.
Cliff - nothing planned for the $20 games that I know of, but there will be promotions with both NFL games, and the "Silver Anniversary" runs into January.


I have to say I have read a lot of comments all over this blog and most feel somewhat cheated - I tend to agree. I have been playing the $20 scratchers ever since you came out with the very first one. A lot of my purchases have been from the machines located at grocery stores - but occasionally from a counter at a QT or other gas stations. I had been playing the $5,000,000 dollar one ever since day one - and now before even one single top prize has been issued you guys have come out with 2 other $20 dollar scratchers - and completely knocked the $5,000,000 one out of every machine that I find. How can you do this? The other 2 $20 scratchers that you have come out with rarely even have a winner.... you should know - your players aren't stupid, and we pay attention to top prizes, and available prizes left. We don't just play - we do a little research! You have basically taken away a game before the top prize has been issued - its kind of like you are cheating us. I have to really look for retailers selling this game - which in my opinion lessens the odds that someone will win the top prize. WE ARE NOT HAPPY WITH YOU MO LOTTO!

Captain Lotto

Thanks for the comment, Kelly. I'm sorry to hear you're unhappy, but I understand your frustration.
We have a schedule for new games, and they come out regardless of how the current games are selling. In the case of $20 games, they have a lot of inventory and perhaps don't move as quickly as some of our others. Typically, many players move on to the newest game. Because space at retail is limited, especially for the larger tickets, not all retailers may stock your favorite.
We appreciate the feedback, and I'll pass this along to our instant product manager.

Steve Johnson

Have the winning scratch off tickets changed on the number of winners? I am not getting close to the 1 in 4 winners. Examples (I buy (16) 5 dollar tickets in a row. I scratch 8 per week. I consistently get (zero for eight) (one for eight) (zero for 16) (one for 16) (zero for 13 zero for 3 machine only had 13 in a row had to buy 3 other tickets) this week got (one for 8) out of 16 in a row. This is playing new games such as 20x the money and Heaps of 500s. On top of this a win is usually my 5 dollars back, not a win of any money, a push is NOT a win. a LARGE winning ticket is 15 dollars (meaning I win 10 dollars) This has become a RARE win. Back to the question have they changed the 1 in 4 wins?

Captain Lotto

In short, no. Nothing about our prize structure has changed. The overall odds relate your chances of winning any prize - it does not mean that every fourth ticket is a winner. Because the prizes are distributed randomly, you might see a run of non-winners. We work with our instant ticket vendor to minimize that experience, but the random nature of Lottery games means we have to make it unpredictable.

Steve Johnson

I understand 1 in 4 does not mean 1 in every 4 is a winner. But when you buy over 1/4 of the tickets in a row in a box every two weeks and the average of wins is an average of 1 in 16 or less it makes you wonder if the 1 in 4 average is correct. When I say win I am counting a 5 dollar ticket as a winning ticket.


Has anyone ever won anything i.e. scratchers, draw games from Platte City, MO. I searched the site and can't find anyone that have won anything here

Captain Lotto

Absolutely. Winners come from all parts of the state. You'll find an interactive map under "Where the Money Goes" with how much prize money has been awarded in your county.
There was a $1 million Match 5 Powerball prize sold in Platte City last year, and there have been Show Me Cash winners in nearby Ferrelview and Platte Woods.

Richard krastanoff

I have played Missouri pick three for 15 years and when they were doing the drawings by the balls I would win 3 to 4 times a year when the system went over to the computer picking the numbers I have went the last two years and not won a single time keep in mind I play the same set of numbers combo 10 at a time the computer said the numbers must be linkedto the computer that is actually drawing the numbers there for it knows what numbers not to draw I find it impossible to go to years playing combo and not being able to win even once I am a firm believer or that something is not right

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