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how can someone win $10,000.00 from the new $20.00 game (4 million dollar cash bonanza) when it does not officially start until jan. 26th. shouldn't this be checked into as it was my understanding that the tickets could not be sold until the official date & not before. an official from the missouri lottery needs to look into this matter.
also the time is wrong on your post a comment.

Captain Lotto

You're right, Dorothy. Retailers are under instruction not to sell games before they begin, but sometimes they let them out early. We began shipping the tickets this week so that all locations would have them before the official start date. We know people are excited and want new games as soon as possible, thus it's difficult to sit on a ticket like "4 Million Dollar Cash Bonanza" even though they are supposed to.
You are observant. The time stamp our host provider uses is Pacific time. Thanks for your comment.

Sam Howard

When in MY LOTTO your blog I always save for last as CAPTAIN LOTTO BLOG is really great!!

I got a personal site, and wish to know how to make/link your "Captain Loto blog" to my blog?
I like to read your letters back to regular people, as well as the sore loosers blogs,
I like telling them "if you don't play, you don't win". You are good with the to the "CRY-CRY Croud".
Keep the BLOG rolling! Thanks;

Walter Hubert

I have purchased 30 of the new $20 tickests and have won a grand total of $40. What kind of scam is this? It was stated this game had a 76% payback and odds of winning was 1 in 3. I have bought several rounds of 4 tickets or more and won nothing. When will the winning tickets be distributed to retailers so we can get some of our money back from this mis-promoted game.

Captain Lotto

Thanks for the feedback, Walter. Sorry to hear about your tough run, but we checked the math and our figures are correct. The stated odds are overall chances of winning for all prizes, and the payout figures include the top prizes of $1 and $4 million. Here is the disclaimer that accompanies all Scratchers game information -
*Average chances may vary from game to game due to the variance in prize structures. Generally, Scratchers games have average chances of winning of 1 in 4 to 1 in 4.5. However, this does not mean that every fourth or fifth ticket will be a winner, as winning tickets are printed at random.

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