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I commented to the raffle and it was never posted. It was a negative comment yes but it was the truth. Don't be victim to these raffles. Check the payout percentages and the percentage that the lottery gets. Not even close to the percentages that missouri casinos are required to pay by law. If you are gonna play for big stakes go to a casino. The odds are better there than this game was at winning. And at least you can enjoy a great atmosphere at the casino's. At least you get something for the buck. Computer generated drawings could have lots of flaws in them. No video of drawing? Hmmmmm Get a clue. I rest my case.
And NO......I did not buiy a ticket for this raffle.

Captain Lotto

Hi Donald-
Your original comment WAS posted. Did you forget where you put it? That's a problem and one of the main reasons comments DON'T get posted - they don't relate the topic.
It's nice of you to suggest that people don't fall victim to false hope, but your implications about casino games aren't exactly fair. Casinos are not required by law to return a certain percentage, only to advertise what those return rates are in the gambling area.
And let's not forget that the Lottery is designed to return a certain portion of each dollar to the state to fund public education. That's why we're here.
Thanks for playing.


Well let's put it this way mr lotto dude, The payouts at casino's that are posted are a lot higher than the payout of the Missouri lottery games for sure. Especially that joke of a raffle they had.
Let's see, 250,000 tickets sold at $10 bucks apiece. That's a take in of $2,500,000 dollars. Payouts were a total of $1,350,000. That leaves a balance of $1,150,000. Thats a payout of 54%. Thats pretty sad.
And you say over $500,000 went to education? Bologna!!! Most of that money never reaches the needs of our public education system here in Missouri and you know that. It's deposited directly into the general fund of Missouri and distributed as the politicians see fit.
As for the rest of it, who knows. I am thinkin you people that work for the Missouri lottery have some pretty fat paycheck's from the "people that fall victim to false hope" as you put it. How about the 249,697 loosing raffle tickets for 10 bucks a pop that didn't win? False hope or just plain stupidity? Not this ole boy. I play odds games. And none of Missouri lottery games are good odds. Rip off's if you may. WAKE UP people.

Captain Lotto

Whoa Donald, let's not get angry.
You are pretty good at math - you have the figures right. No one ever said the Lottery was a good investment. It's intended to be a fun game for people to play, while raising funds for the state. All proceeds are earmarked for public education. You can check our Web site to see how all of those monies are appropriated.
If you have a problem with how the legislature designates funding, you should contact your representative.
As for our salaries, how you determine "fat" is a matter of perspective, but don't forget that we're state employees. Missouri ranks near the bottom of all states in employee compensation. Some of the money that wasn't given away in prizes or transferred to public education was paid to retailers as commission for selling tickets, and the rest was the cost of doing the game.
As much as everyone would like to win, it's just not possible. You may be smart for holding on to your money, but remember, you can't win if you don't play.


Well said mr captain lotto dude. Not angry, just stating facts.
I see too many people buying lotto tickets that can't even buy groceries for their kids. That's what makes me angry.
Oh and now we have a $20.00 scratchers ticket only to bring on more "false hope" and hungry kids. Lets get it over in one ticket to save trees used for printing tickets.
As for contacting a representative, my chances are better at finding Bin Laden than getting a representative to act on anything that "fattens" their wallets.
I think they need another pay raise myself, how bout you?
Key word here is "EARMARKED".

Thank's mr lotto dude.

cliff ketcherside

Was just wondering if all the winning raffle tickets have been claimed.Looking at the list of winners I dont see any * or claimed references,how long should I hold on to my tickets?

Captain Lotto

Sorry, Cliff. The Raffle was a game, not a promotion, which means that there will not be a second drawing for unclaimed tickets. Winners have 180 days to claim their prize and after that time period, unclaimed prizes revert to the state.

Kevin Andersen

What's really sad are the poor people who play the lottery and cannot even afford to buy groceries.

I myself am permanently disabled and cannot work due to multiple painful disabilities. I receive a grand total of $601 per month to live on (no that's not a typo -- that's $601.00), and I don't even receive any physical help with household chores, errands, or anything -- which I really need. I don't even have a running automobile of my own to get to my doctors appointments or pharmacy.

I know I don't have enough money to afford even one dollar on the lottery -- so I don't play. Period. I don't even get enough to afford food and utilities and rent, nor eye or dental care (which Medicaid doesn't cover in Missouri, nor do they cover dentures for when all my teeth fall out from not having been to a dentist in years), so I certainly don't have enough to play games of chance.

I am cognizant of the old maxim that "you can't win if you don't play". But if you can't afford to play, then you shouldn't play! Ergo, those who are seen in grocery and liquor stores with kids in their arms who obviously can't afford groceries and are buying lottery tickets shouldn't be buying them.

Sorry if this is politically correct, but it's the truth.

betty roberts

would like to know if the future you could claim prize over $500.00 online. with all the information (personal).
maybe have a personal id number.
just curious.

thank you

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