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Oh contrair mr lotto dude. tell that to the hungry kids from their parents playing the scratchers.
Remember, ya can't lose if ya don't play.

Tell that to the hundreds of thousands of losers compared to the fistfull of million dollar scratcher winners my friend. What maybe all 5 or 6 of em?

Sam Howard

Have you been inside a public grade school lately? I am a Grandfather and have Grandchildren (13) in the Missouri Public School's system.
Here in the Ozarks, In St. Joe, In Springfield, and Kansas City, as well as Hickory County. I go there and have lunch with my Grandkids often and even participate in science (botany / horticulture) project with the children when requested Grade School Teacher's.

The Schools are warm, clean, and modern, and is filled with equipment that helps produce an excellent education. Trust me they need this type of an education to survive in this modern world.

Every time you loose, at least the major part of that dollar is going to education. We are getting better teachers due to the Missouri Department of Education being funded by the Missouri Lotto.

Scratcher tickets, Power Ball, Lotto, may produce many winners, however I am not one of them many times either. At least we are not throwing away money. The Children of Missouri’s residents get a fair shake due to Missouri Lotto.

Would you rather pay super high property taxes, and loose the excellent teachers we have here? Without the Lotto, the State will be in your pocket hard for more property tax. So which one do you want? Not to mention that Captain Lotto, the lottery staff, and Legislature expense’s, and a ton of vendors would not make as much, driving down the economic conditions faced in Missouri.

Thanks Captain Lotto; I will help you stand up for the Missouri Lottery (and keep your job); Nor will I stop playing. I get a charge out of small winnings, and keep hoping for MEGA Winnings! Hit that link on the front page of the web site. I have.

I do not think The Missouri Lottery is twisting any arms, There is always a savings account available for that dollar you "wasted".

Sam Howard
Missouri Resident


u go sam. now tell that to the hungry kids that their parents are wasting grocery money on those tickets. tell them dude. not me.
as for our school system here. it's all about politics. nice schools yes we have. but my property taxes are still going up.
no thanks sam. i will NOT play those stupid scratchers games ever again man. all i can say is u go sam. mr lotto dude appreciates every penny he gets.
pft....like i care if he has a job or not. come on man.

later dudes
the odds player here


WE have "WINNER" in WEST VIRGINIA" for the POWERBALL ! Dang..I thought I had it in the bag ! (lol) Guess I have more of a chance of getting ran over than winning the lottery !

Maybe I will have to try my luck at something else.

Congratulations to the person in WEST Virginia !

Carol A. Jones

Hay Guys! Not fair! I bought a GM 668 DEAL OR NO DEAL lottery ticket for $5.00. Dates for promotion have already expired. I bought it on 3-23-08 and last entry deadline is 1-28-08. Make this right!!!

Randy Dalton

I have now asked nicely three times to generate a new password for my account. I'm still waiting for the "instant email" that the request is supposed to send. ???? I'm sitting on several "Big Money" entries that I was hoping to win a viper t-shirt with but no one will get back with me so I can get into the site. Thanks

Captain Lotto

In response to the last two comments...
We're sorry, but the promotion for Deal or No Deal has ended. That's always a risk we run with a second-chance promotion tied to a specific game. There are still some $100,000 top prizes left in that game (the real reason to play the ticket) and we wanted to give players a chance to win those prizes.
As far as the new password problem with the latest promotion, we get this comment a lot and it usually relates to the users email system blocking emails from the Lottery. We have similar issues here. Different kinds of spam or virus protection detects the words "lottery" or "promotion" in the body of the email and reject them. The only way to fix the problem is to identify the Lottery as a "safe sender."


question for captain lotto. has anyone claimed a winning ticket named ben stanton ?

George Large

Yes after alot of reserch in other states & how their lottery is played and/or won, Missouri is one of the worst, i'm done donating money to their cause (cause they want it), from now on my money is going to be given to different charities and everyone but the state of MO will feel better at the end of the day, I know I will.


I agree with Mike Leary: MO should join the Hot Lotto game with its bigger jackpots than MO Lotto. In addition to Oklahoma, MO's neighbors Kansas and Iowa are also members of Hot Lotto. Don't forget that Hot Lotto also has its own multiplier (called "Sizzler".)


DRAT!!! Power Ball and MO Lotto... both won on the same night! Somebody (not in MO) won PB last night for about $87M. AND... MO Lotto got hit for about $4.9M.

Hey Cap'n: what was MO's biggest jackpot? I haven't played LOTTO for very long... seems the $4.9M is THE largest I've seen so far. Any bigger wins?

-- St Louis --

Captain Lotto

We've had a number of big Lotto jackpots. There are several in the $4 to $8 million range, a number of double digit jackpots, and the largest was a $19 million Lotto jackpot that was hit in 2000.


Why we dont win big on scratch off ticket here in st louis mo. also im waiting on my favorite numbers to come in like 920 972 764 on pick 3

Steve Johnson

Show Me Cash looks like a step forward in having a better numbers game. Thank you Missouri lottery. I have played lottery in other states and there are lot better games out there. Please work on getting better games.


I have played all the games, alot of the scratchers. Liked the Show Me Five the most, better odds. Enter almost every promotion, never win. The most I have ever won in all the years I've played is $100. That's it. Very dejected.

Captain Lotto

Old mogul- I hear you. It would be nice if everyone could win, but it just doesn't work that way. You've cleared the first hurdle... you can't win if you don't play. Good luck.


Oct 4 will see the intro of 4 new scratchers games... good for us, eh? Well, if Monopoly doesn't start 'til Oct 4, how did my friend and I play it on Thursday Oct 2? Plus... all 4 games have had winners posted on the individual details pages. If the games just started today... well, how can the new game 712 $100K TAX PAID have over 10,000 winners already?!!

Total.. Prizes .........Remain Prizes
$5 .. 645,574............. 640,177
$10 .. 368,863 ............ 365,606
$15 .. 184,559 ............ 182,912
$20 .. 92,237 ............. 91,419
$40 .. 41,578 ............. 41,175
$50 .. 18,504 ............. 18,327
$100 .. 20,764 .............20,573
$500 .. 1,449 .............. 1,437
$1000 .. 698 ................ 692
$5000 .. 33 ................. 32
$10000 .. 23 .................23
$100000 .. 6 ................6

Confused... and bewildered

Captain Lotto

You're right- Oct. 4 is the official start date for those games. However, we usually start shipping tickets a week in advance so that all retail locations have the tickets before the official start date.

lillie craigg

When can a person win enough money to replace
what they have lost over the years.
thank you

bob huffman

i have been reading some of the questions and answers posted. first of all lottery was not voted on to have fun, it was gambling from the word go. or i would have not voted for it.if you have given education over 3 billion dollars which you say that is 27% payout then why haven't you paid out 6.5 billion in winning, that the 58% payout you claim you paid in winng or should have. you ask us if we would to see a game come out with smaller big prizes and more little one. as near as i can tell you have been doing this for the last 15 yrs. show me in the amendment we voted on that the lottery was just for fun? thanks bob

Captain Lotto

I'm not sure I get your point, Bob. The Missouri Lottery has in fact generated more than $3 billion for the state and public education, and more than $6 billion in prizes for players.
The point about having fun is to remind people not to wager more than they can afford to lose.


look you morons you keep doing this

WHO WON POWERBALL Oct 8 where and how much

your morons..... Show City State Who Won



Does anybody have a list of the winning code numbers for the cash line bingo cards so that I can verify these are worthless before I throw them away? It isn't easy for me to get back to the store and I want to double check my scratching. Thanks!


I played power ball in March 2008 and misplaced my ticket. I later found it last week, only to discover that I'm a winner but can't claim my money because my ticket is more than 180 days. So please, what do I do as I really need this money to pay off some debts. Shouldn’t there be a little grace of extra one or two months? Please help, I really need this money so bad!

Captain Lotto

Hey Bernie-
There was no Powerball jackpot winner on Oc. 8.
We do generally run a story if there is a big jackpot winner, but the stats on our Web site reflect winners in Missouri.
Powerball is played in more than 30 states and jurisdictions. If you want details on winners for all of them, it's probably easiest to visit the Powerball site at www.powerball.com.
Good luck.

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