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I'd like to comment on the new style of Missouri Lottery Page I DON'T LIKE IT. I found this a mess to navigate.Also the winning numbers are very slow to be posted,as to the other way the postings were delightfully FAST.My opinion I'm sure will not have any bearing on what the Lottery Team wants to do in design,but I'm proud my homeland USA still allows me to express.Thank You


I think the new website needs some tweeking. It won't let me check my favorite numbers, I have been trying for the past couple of days. If there is something different I need to do with my computer - post it for everyone. Some apache tomcat stuff comes up.

Captain Lotto

You should be able to check your favorite numbers now. There is a Check My Tickets link under every game page. Good luck.

jeff cochran

you know i don't mind spending money on the lottery but it's getting crazy first they change from chance to paramutual for numbers games if that wasn't bad enough
then the scracth offs you spend 10.00 only
always to get a loseing ticket or a 10 dollar winner ,why in your right mind if you spend 10.00 on a scracthers ticket ,and all you ever get back is the same money you spent to buy the ticket .
i think it's total bull.
they talk about how much money they pay back to the pubic when all the while these tickets you buy for 10.00 and then win 10.00 on is counted in that way . if you buy a 10.00 ticket by god when you win it should be more than a lousy 10.00
very ripped off jeff cochran

Captain Lotto

Sorry you feel that way, Jeff. I suppose some people like yourself, would prefer to win more. But I bet most people count a "push" as a win.

sam howard

To Jeff cochran:
Hello! For all those loosing tickets, you could have been a winner anyway cause you could have entered them in the second chance contest. If you do not like getting your $10.00 back, donate it to toys for tots. Anyone whom buys the tickets does not always win, most of us just take our losses with our wins. I do not think the lottery is taking it out on you, cause one guy won $100,000.00 twice. If you count on bad luck it will probably be exactly that.
Captan Lotto, the "we are sorry" not needed, but appriciated by others whom blog. Some of us second chance these.

Velma Martin

Jeff, I totally agree. Why spend $10 to get a free ticket, or another $10 ticket? I usually check mine later and to redeem hey, gas is $3 a gallon now....you got to go BACK to the retailer. Forget it.

Mike Leary

Start another million dollar raffle today

Steve Johnson

Missouri lotto needs to get better numbers games. Like joing the HOT LOTTO multi state game. It is a fun game with a chance to win something other than a free ticket. I am now going to Oklahoma to play the HOT LOTTO game. Come on Missouri you can do better.

Sandy Ragan

My fiancee and I enjoy the scratch off tickets very much.We buy several of them every week.My favorite one is Bingo but for the last few months I can't hardly get them to scratch off where you can see it. I surely cannot be the only person that has this trouble. I was happy when the Christmas game was over but I just tried a new game (box) and I can't read it either. Is is a printing problem? If so, please correct it. I'm really tired of spending money on tickets that I can't see.

Captain Lotto

Thanks for the comments Sandy.
I tried to reply to you directly, but my email was returned. Please add me to your friends list, that is, if you consider me a friend:-)
In answer to your question, we work closely with our instant ticket vendor to ensure that tickets are easy to scratch and read. Hopefully we're not having a specific problem here, but if so, your comment will help us catch and correct it. I passed this along to the Scratcher manager. Thanks for playing and good luck!

George Large

To anyone complaning about the amount of money you win on the $10 tickets, ect. Try going to one of your casinos with that $10 and see what you come back home with. Heck i dont even think $10 will get you in the door not to mention that im sure they wont say "well fill this out & we will drop it in a box and draw names next month for a possible future win". Come on gambling is gambling, choose your poison, collect your winnings, count your loses and move on, or you could just quit gambiling that would surely take care of your complaining.

melody  dill

i have lived in missouri for 2 years now and i play the scratchers tickits every week anywhere from 20 to 50 dollars. the most i have ever won is 10 dollars so i decided to put them to a test i bought a whole book of 1 dollar tickits i won 20% of my money back that is a 80% profit for the lottery and i would not mind that if the moneys went to the kids schools and such like it is suppose to...its not!! that why our property taxes are going up for the new school there building in our communty lets remember why the lottery is so successful they promised to help the kids,schools,exc. so i have decided not to waste my hard earned money on this farst!!!! untill the lottery upholds there end of the bargine and starts putting atleast some of there profits into our children........i have no small children but LOTTERY remember they are our future. PLEASE PUT OUR NON WINNING AND YOUR PROFITS TO WORK FOR THEM!!!!!!!!! thank you M. DILL

Captain Lotto

Melody- sorry you have hit such a bad streak. The winners are distributed randomly throughout the games, so depending on the largest prize available in the game you were playing, there might be areas with few prizes to generate those larger prizes. The Lottery is not a path to wealth- it's intended to be a fun diversion for people to play within their means.
Lottery proceeds are, in fact, earmarked for education. Since 1986, the Missouri Lottery has generated more than $3 BILLION for the state and public education. It's important funding, but it's only a small piece of the puzzle. In any given year, Lottery funds make up about 4 percent of the total education budget. You can visit molottery.com and look under the section "Where the money goes" for more information about how Lottery proceeds are distributed to educational programs.
We agree that the children are our future, which is why we work hard to support various educational programs with the proceeds from our games.


would you kindly show on the scratchers that
there is a drawing for losing tickets. thank


i find it hard to believe that every large jackpot are never won in urban areas they are always in mostly white populated counties. i am beginning to believe that this is done on purpose. this website always shows winners that live on the outskirts of missouri that are white populated.

Captain Lotto

Winners come from everywhere. Keep in mind that it's up to the winner to decide whether or not to do press. It could be that the rural folks are more likely to talk to media (us included).


very interesting blog for Missouri lottery,
looks like a very nice way to promote news games.

best of luck

Joseph Hamilton

Ive worked all my life. I raised my child ALL by myself.
I am verry disabeled now. I almost died the end of 2007 with a brain anurisom.
I truly believe I lived to win the Power ball. So I can set my life.

Thank you MO. Lotto

Joseph Hamilton

Captain Lotto

Good luck, Joseph. Remember, it only takes a dollar to win.


The Missouri lottery scratchers games are a HUGE joke!!!


Captain Lotto

Tell that to the people who have won a million dollars or more playing Scratchers. You can't win if you don't play.

cheryl hooper

Well the truth is unless you win a large prize on scratchers, you're doomed playing them. After 25 years I hit a $10,000.00 prize. The people in jeff city said the odds of hitting it on that $5.00 Texas Hold'em ticket was 330,000 to 1. I would have to played 330,000 - $5.00 bills to duplicate that feat. $1,650,000.00 for a maybe second $10,000.00. I know a lot of scratch off fans, and just like the old boys at the horse race tracks, they just keep getting older and poorer every year. It's like handing someone a dollar one after the other continuously for years and each time they hand you 50 cents. Stuff like this use to be illegal and for good reason. A hell of a lot more grief than pleasure coming from this. And that fact won't change. My buddy switched from $10.00 scratchers to the new $20.00 ones. I swear those will be the ones that finish off my buddy Hector.

Captain Lotto

Playing Scratchers is supposed to be something you do for fun. It's not a path to wealth. About 27 cents of every dollar is set aside to fund public education in Missouri.

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